To be sure he gets to his airshows on time and safely, Jim relies on Sirius XM Aviation for his real-time weather updates.


"Having Sirius XM Weather in the cockpit gives me the best view of what lies ahead so I can effectively plan my route," says the seasoned airshow performer. "Plus, it sure is nice to have the full package of Sirius XM music and entertainment on long flights!"


With composite, base reflectivity and NEXRAD storm cell depiction, Jim can safely navigate around bad weather with the confidence that he is getting the most complete and up to date picture available for the airspace ahead. Available on Garmin avionics and now Foreflight, Sirius XM has you covered from taxi to touchdown, all flight long. Visit them at http://www.siriusxm.com/aviation for full details!

Aspen Avionics provides Jim with their ground-breaking Evolution 2000 system, the most advanced and thorough EFIS technology in the industry. Aspen’s trailblazing Evolution 2000 is the only GA EFIS display that provides total system redundancy – at less fly-away cost than any competing system.


Evolution 2000’s safety architecture delivers an exclusive total backup ability that steam gauges and competing glass can’t match. From full PFD capability built into the MFD to dual redundant backup batteries, Evolution offers the only glass panel that can effectively eliminate heavy, unreliable steam instruments. Aspen’s unique PFD/MFD window layout flexibility allows you to configure displays to prioritize critical flight data. Multiple views at your command significantly enhance situational awareness. Get more info on this incredible GA system at http://aspenavionics.com/


Jim's trusted fuel partner is Phillips 66®, and what a great partner! Phillips 66® is among the largest refiners in the United States and a major supplier of jet fuels and avgas to private, commercial and military aviation. During World War II, Phillips Petroleum Company propelled Allied Forces to victory with the introduction of 100-octane fuel. The company also dedicated research on the ground to develop fuel that sent pilots soaring faster, higher and safer than ever before. As East to West Coast travel opened up across the U.S., the economy flourished. To facilitate corporate travel even further, Phillips 66 began laying the foundation for some of the finest Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) in the country. Today, Phillips 66 Aviation supports top flight FBOs that will serve you almost anywhere across the nation with the most advanced fuel available. Phillips 66 continues to stay ahead of trend, surpassing industry standards in the sky and space, continuing to earn the title of “The Most Trusted Wings in Aviation®." http://www.phillips66aviation.com/


Mustang Aviation is Jim's home base in Pierre, SD. While expanding their freight and cargo services throughout the midwest, at home they provide professional, top level air charter services, maintenance and ground support to their rapidly growing nationwide customer base. Jim attributes the success of Mustang Aviation to customer satisfaction which leads to customer loyalty.


Mustang Aviation provides full FBO services, including:


  • Full Service Quick Turns
  • 100LL / Jet A
  • Heated Hangar Space
  • GPU and De-icing Services


They are also home to full-service air charter, including fleet, rental, and freight. You can also learn to fly at Mustang Aviation! Be sure to stop by and check out their full line of aviation services, provided by some of the nicest folks in the business. Come see where "The Midwest Meets the Wild West! https://www.mustangaviation.aero/



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